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About Us

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We are Youth Leaders in Law...


An organization of high school students, university students, and lawyers who are partnered with the Canadian Bar Association, the University of Calgary Faculty of Law, and other legal firms/societies around Canada to host a one-of-a-kind experience for Canadian high school students from all places and backgrounds who are interested in going into the field of law. We held our inaugural conference in November 2019 and have since then held annual conferences for youth across the country.


Our primary objectives include:

  • Increasing visibility in the legal field, encouraging more youth to become involved with law

  • Bringing light to diversity, equality, and access to justice for all

  • Increasing the accessibility of the legal profession to students before they enter post-secondary school.

Our events and work have reached students across the country, attracting students and lawyers alike to our conferences, Coffee with Counsels, networking sessions, and more. 

Join us in paving the way for the next wave of Youth Leaders in Law!

National Team


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