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Executive Team Applications

Interested in getting more involved with YLL? 

President/Vice President

As President, it is your responsibility to lead your team by example. You will be overseeing all operations, whilst communicating with the national team and lawyer mentors.

IT director

The IT director is an individual well-versed in technology, ensuring that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. You will ensure the website is up to date, and organize registration for 

Treasury Director

The treasury director will be responsible for keeping track of the monetary needs of YLL, and will also be responsible in securing those monetary needs. 

Administrative Director

As an adminisrative director, you ensure everything runs smoothly through efficient communication and planning. You will be responsible for organizing meetings, taking notes, and more.

Marketing Director

The marketing director ensures that YLL is known to as many people as possible through the usage of social media, networking, and advertisements. 

Human Resources Director

The human resources director ensures that the community is involved with YLL. This is most evidently done through the ambassador program the director must oversee

Outreach Director

The outreach director looks to secure valuable relationships that can move YLL forward. Examples include reaching out to news networks, lawyers, and local universities.

To learn more about each position, take a look at the Executive Application Package: 

Ready to apply? If yes, then

YLL is excited to announce that it is looking to spread to other cities in Canada! Think you have what it takes to lead a new generation of Youth Leaders in Law? Take a look at our open positions and consider applying! 

Applications are now closed

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