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Thank you for attending YLL 2023 National Conference!

We hope you had an incredible time listening to our fantastic speakers! If you have any questions or concerns regarding the national conference, please feel free to contact us.

Watch our 2022 Promotional Trailer!

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YLL 2023

Thank you for attending the national YLL 2023 conference! Information is now available for the regional conferences, including scheduling, registration, speakers, and more!



"At Youth Leaders in Law, I was able to meet so many amazing people and learn so much about the field of law - I recommend this to everyone!"

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  • How will the upcoming YLL conference be held?
    Our conferences are typically held in a hybrid format - some portions of the conference are online (such as the national component) while others may be in person (regional component depending on the region). Be sure to watch our social media pages (@youthleadersinlaw) or send us an email ( to stay up to date! You can also visit the respective social media pages of your regional team to receive region-specific updates.
  • What are YLL "Regions"?
    You will see multiple references to our city teams as Regions on social media and this website. For the 2021-22 school year, YLL has expanded to 5 chapters: Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Ontario, and each city is named a regional team to include potential participants from surrounding areas (i.e. a student from Markham will attend the Toronto "regional" event). Each region has its own executive team, events, and social media page.
  • Will there be any cost to attend the conference?
    The YLL experience is free; there is no admission fee for the conference. Youth Leaders in Law's primary goal involves introducing youth from all demographics to the field with absolutely no financial burden.
  • I’m from outside Alberta, can I attend?
    Yes! Due to the nature of our conferences, secondary school students from anywhere around the world are welcome to attend. We will post updates to our conference schedule on our website and social media once they are finalized, and specific times for your regional conference will be published as well.
  • How can I sign up?
    You can register for our 2024 conference now in Calgary!
  • How can I get involved with the YLL team?
    Information regarding recruitment can be found on our social media pages and website when we are looking for new team members. We encourage students from all across the country to apply during our recruitment periods!
  • How can I learn more about YLL?
    Our website is constantly updating, keep coming back to find more updates regarding events and changes to YLL! We are also active on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, which you can find by entering (@youthleadersinlaw) in social media searchbars or in the hotbar display on this site. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us through email:
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